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Excellent job! The crew was hard working and very skilled. We have an older house that had many layers of old roofing – all was stripped to bare wood – and they kept the area very clean. The roof is a bit complicated, steep in sections with dormers and nearly flat in other areas where we had rubber roofing installed. The fit-and-finish of the roof looks great. They also added features to the improve ventilation and the flashing. This company is easy to work with, competitively priced, and delivers on their promises.
Neil Larsen
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I’ve my roof replaced by Major Home improvements. Right from the first call to the finish of the project, Vasillie and his boys handled the project very professionally and did an excellent job. After comparing three different quotes, I found them to be most competitive and Vasillie spend good amount of time upfront explaining the scope of work which helped a lot. They used top of the line Oven Corning products and his team worked diligently without cutting any corners. They certainly exceeded my expectation.
Amit Thakkar
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We have a colonial with 2 car attached garage that was badly in need of a new roof. I had obtained several high estimates, including one from a well-known box store and another from a local company that advertises heavily on television. In town, I noticed a large house having a roof and siding installed by Major Home Improvements. I contacted Vasilie Kukharchuk for an estimate for a new roof. Vasilie was honest and knowledgeable in assessing the condition of our roof. He explained the variables used to determine the price for a new roof, including: size and pitch, accessibility, and the cost of materials. He indicated that after the tear-off, he would assess the condition of the plywood and 2x4s. Vasilie discussed the required flashing methods and lumber options to use for fascia boards and cited details about the technology of a new roof. Lastly, Vasilie stated the warranty and gave me a fair, competitive estimate. Shingles and materials arrived the day before construction. The crew began work at 7:30 a.m. They are an experienced and cohesive crew who worked efficiently and quickly together throughout a very hot summer day with temperatures soaring to 93 and humidity of 96%. Before stripping off old shingles, the crew ensured that our windows were closed. They attached drop cloths over the gutters so the removal of old shingles did not damage clapboards, windows, or foundation plantings. Once the old roof was torn off, Vasilie determined that we needed numerous replacement sheets of plywood and 2x4s. Even after that determination was made, Vasilie continued to stop by and oversee the progress of the new roof. The crew was extremely hard-working. Throughout construction, one crewman was dedicated to clean-up. Gutters and downspouts were cleared with a leaf blower. After the roof was installed, the cleaner walked the perimeter of the house with a large magnet to attract stray nails. Despite needing replacement sheets of plywood and 2x4s, the roof was completed in 1.5 days. The professional installation of our solid, warrantied roof adds to our energy efficiency and curb appeal. More importantly, our new roof will keep our home dry and warm against the elements and hardships of Mother Nature in Western Mass. Thank you, Vasilie and crew, for a professional, expertly-constructed new roof! We heartily endorse Major Home Improvements for any roofing needs.
w murr
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3 Reasons Why A Professional Roofing Contractor is Needed in Tolland MA

Roofing companies are something we as homeowners need in order to keep the interior of our homes safe from rain, high winds, and snow. If you start to notice shingles buckling, light shining through your attic, or roof granules sitting in side your gutters, it might be time to contact roofing contractors Tolland MA to get an estimate of the average cost to replace a roof. Once you receive the estimate for a roof installation, you can than schedule a date for our residential or commercial roofing company to come in and start the replacement process. It is critical to contact roofing companies when these signs appear as every season offers harsh weather that could potentially damage our homes interior if the roof is in poor condition.

#3 Buckling Shingles

When shingles start to buckle or curl, it means that your roof has reached its life expectancy. The average life span of a roof if installed properly is 15-20 years. Instead of waiting until your roof starts to leak in your home, it is important that you contact roofing contractors in Tolland MA for a new roof cost or an estimate of small repairs.

#2 Granules in The Gutter

Although a small amount of granules in the gutter are completely normal, an excess amount means that your roof is probably in need of a replacement. If your roof is over 15 years old and you are noticing granules becoming more frequent, contact a commercial roofing company in your area for the average cost to replace a roof.

#1 Light Shining Through Your Attic

A good way to find out if your roof is in need of a replacement is to climb up into your attic and look for any sun rays coming in through your roof. If you live in or around Tolland State Forest, you will find that looking for professional roofing contractors Tolland MA has never been easier. All you have to do is make one phone call and your only moments away from receiving an estimate on a new roof cost.