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Fast and Clean. Thanks for the fine work.
Phil Wacks
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These guys did a great job changing my windows for me. They did the entire house, 19 windows, in less than 9 hours. They were very quick and professional, and cleaned the area they were working on after they finished. I highly recommend them!
Saad Mohammed
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After an initial roofing quote from another company (quote was high, employee was brief and not very helpful), we decided to call Major Home Improvements due to the many homes they had done on our street. After our call, the owner (Visilie) was at home our within a day or so. Visilie worked to make sure we knew all of our options, and were given a fair price and communicated very well from start to finish. As young, first time homebuyers we could not have been more appreciative. His crew began work within a week of his initial visit, and did a fantastic job. When we ran into some structural trouble, one of Visilie’s workers came up with a great solution and once he had Visilie’s approval, the work was expertly done and the price for the extra work was very fair. Visilie made sure to stop by the house multiple times each day (on a Saturday and Sunday, nonetheless) to ensure the work was going well. He even came by later on Sunday evening to ensure we were satisfied and to make sure clean up went well. Our new roof looks fantastic, the extra structural work was done very well and in good time, and the cleanup was great. Honest, professional, trustworthy, fair, best contractor experience we have ever had. Took a lot of time to examine the roof prior to quote, answered all of our questions and made great recommendations. Went out of their way to ensure we were satisfied with the work. Would strongly recommend to family and friends.
Scott Deloach
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Types of Properties We Do Roof
Installation & Replacement For

  • Metal Buildings
  • Factories
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial Property
  • Duplex
  • Triplex
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Condos
  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Apartment Complex
  • Warehouse
  • Offices
  • Homes / Houses / Residential
  • Factory
  • Garage
  • Housing Communities
  • HOA
  • Skyscrapers
  • Mobile Homes
  • Barns
  • Retail Buildings
  • Farms
  • Steel Buildings

Zip Codes in the Coventry, CT service area

  • 06238

When Is It Time For A Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement is important for any homeowner who plans on keeping their home up-to-date and in good shape. A roof is an important variable when owning a home since it’s the part of the house that’s protecting the home and its residence from oncoming elements of mother nature. When homeowners hire roofing contractors Coventry CT for roof installation, they are intrusting professionals to make sure their home holds on to its value. There are different methods in which a homeowner can identify when they should contact a professional to install a new roof. Cracking, wrapped, dried and curled shingles are all signs when a roof is going bad. Another is noticing mold and moss breeds growing on the roof. When an individual sees mold or moss growing from their roof, they need to immediately contact a commercial roofing company to investigate.

The Damage That Can Occur If Roof Is Unkept

When an individual ignores all of the signs their roof is telling them, it could cause dangerous structural issues that could potentially be incredibly harmful to the residences inside. For example, let’s say there are molding and warping throughout the roof. The inside of the home could have extensive mold and water damage. Mold can travel and survive within the walls of a home. Mold can weaken the structure and cause critical health issues if unchecked. As a result, it’s wise to recognize all the signs of a weakened roof and immediately contact “roofers in my area”.

Average Cost To Replace A Roof

A new roof cost can vary depending on the materials being used and the amount being installed. When trying to figure out a new roof cost, contact a roofing specialist in the area to give an accurate estimate. The cost can greatly depend on the area, materials, and roofing company. Commercial roofing isn’t as easy of a job as people might think. Roofing contractors are highly trained professionals who are experienced in their field of expertise. Roofing is not a simple DIY. It’s a dangerous job that requires focus and knowledge on the subject.