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I am more than happy with the new roof I had installed with Major Home Improvement. The crew showed up on time, 8:00 am, worked non-stop and finished by 6:00 pm, amazing. Couldn’t ask for more, quality work for the right price. If you are looking to replace your roof look no further. Vassili is a super guy, professional, honest and understanding of your needs. Diran Adjoyan Source: Google
We have a colonial with 2 car attached garage that was badly in need of a new roof. I had obtained several high estimates, including one from a well-known box store and another from a local company that advertises heavily on television. In town, I noticed a large house having a roof and siding installed by Major Home Improvements. I contacted Vasilie Kukharchuk for an estimate for a new roof. Vasilie was honest and knowledgeable in assessing the condition of our roof. He explained the variables used to determine the price for a new roof, including: size and pitch, accessibility, and the cost of materials. He indicated that after the tear-off, he would assess the condition of the plywood and 2x4s. Vasilie discussed the required flashing methods and lumber options to use for fascia boards and cited details about the technology of a new roof. Lastly, Vasilie stated the warranty and gave me a fair, competitive estimate. Shingles and materials arrived the day before construction. The crew began work at 7:30 a.m. They are an experienced and cohesive crew who worked efficiently and quickly together throughout a very hot summer day with temperatures soaring to 93 and humidity of 96%. Before stripping off old shingles, the crew ensured that our windows were closed. They attached drop cloths over the gutters so the removal of old shingles did not damage clapboards, windows, or foundation plantings. Once the old roof was torn off, Vasilie determined that we needed numerous replacement sheets of plywood and 2x4s. Even after that determination was made, Vasilie continued to stop by and oversee the progress of the new roof. The crew was extremely hard-working. Throughout construction, one crewman was dedicated to clean-up. Gutters and downspouts were cleared with a leaf blower. After the roof was installed, the cleaner walked the perimeter of the house with a large magnet to attract stray nails. Despite needing replacement sheets of plywood and 2x4s, the roof was completed in 1.5 days. The professional installation of our solid, warrantied roof adds to our energy efficiency and curb appeal. More importantly, our new roof will keep our home dry and warm against the elements and hardships of Mother Nature in Western Mass. Thank you, Vasilie and crew, for a professional, expertly-constructed new roof! We heartily endorse Major Home Improvements for any roofing needs. w murr Source: Google
I am a carpenter and generally do all my own projects on my house because I do very good work and it’s hard to find a contractor I can trust to do the job right, at a level that I will be happy with. I am very satisfied with the work by Major Home Improvements. They put vinyl siding on our house and wrapped the trim with aluminum. It looks beautiful, and all of our neighbors have been stopping by and telling us how much they love it!From the estimate through completion, Vasilie was very pleasant to work with, prompt with communication and easy to get in touch with. Ilona, in the office, was also very helpful and very quick to return our calls. The crew was really nice and did a great job, it was nice having them around. I absolutely would recommend Major Home Improvements, they do quality work, with attention to the details, at a very good price! David Elia Source: Google

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Moss Might Be the Clue You Need to Schedule Roof Repair

Our homes are one of the most significant parts of our life. They aren’t simply huge in terms of importance either. Even a small home needs to be large enough to fit a wide variety of our needs. Homes are, typically, quite large structures. However, that leads to some difficulty with home maintenance. We seldom stop to look at something as huge as our roof to ensure everything is working as intended.

The clues to problems with our roof tend to be fairly small at first. And the difficulty in repairing them can stay at that level if one attends to it promptly. After all, the cost of full roof replacement is significant. But one can keep problems from escalating by keeping a few things in mind. First, one should know about local roofing companies. For example, I’d want to know about roofers near me. Once I knew about roofers in my area I could consider the nature of any given problem. I might, for example, talk to roofing contractors about smaller jobs. Roofing contractors are also a wealth of information when it comes to future proofing existing work.

There are some things you can keep an eye on right from the start. One of the more surprising to most people is moss. Moss is incredibly tiny in comparison to the size of a roof. But it grows rather quickly with exposure to sun, rain and wood. And as moss gross it places an incredible strain on one’s roof. This means that you can effectively safeguard against a major concern just by noting if there’s a significant amount of moss on the roof.

Next, it’s important to remember just how much response time matters. Commercial roofing costs can be lowered by using local services. But it’s just the nature of the job that a roof replacement cost will be on the higher side of things. By calling for help early on you might be able to avoid a full replacement.

But if you do need a full replacement, then using expert help at Major Home Improvements can still prove cost effective. They also offer free roofing estimates. This will help one understand any differences between a new roof cost and the average cost to replace a roof. And if called promptly they might be able to effect repair instead of a full roof installation.