How to Keep Your Roof Clean

Roofs are perhaps the most visible aspects of your home. When they become dirty or moss ridden, it’s immediately noticeable. Algae can leave behind ugly spots or cover your entire roof in a shade of green. Needless to say, keeping your roof clean is vital for the aesthetic of your home. Regular roof maintenance keeps your roof looking new and clean and allows you to identify any problems before hand. Here are a few ways to keep your roof clean.

1 – Prevention 

If you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, your roof will look relatively clean at all times. You can also take steps to prevent the growth of algae or moss. Clearing any debris from the roof also helps. Accumulated dust and debris can trap moisture and encourage growth of algae. This can also lead to structural damage in the future. You can also prevent the growth of moss by keeping your roof exposed to sunlight. Trim the trees on your property and keep their foliage cover off the roof. 

2 – Use Cleaners 

There are several cleaners available in the market that you can use for roof maintenance. Most popular cleaners are effective and can be applied by a household consumer. However, some experts warn that you shouldn’t use cleaners near plants and trees. During rainfall, chemicals in these cleaners can mix with water and cause problems to plant life in your landscape. Cleaners can be effective and there are some that are safe to use near plants. Before you purchase the product, be sure to look into it carefully.

3 – Scrubbing

Many experts will tell you that the old way is the best way when it becomes to handling roof cleaning. Yes, it might require a bit of effort but the results are worth it. You can allow any algae to dry by exposing them to the sunlight. That way, cleaning the roof might be easier. Dried algae are black and flaky, just brushing would easily clean the surface.

You can use a roof cleaning brush for this easily enough. Unlike high-pressured water, this won’t damage the surface of the shingles. High-pressured water can remove the protective granular coating on the shingles and shorten their lifespan. Performing roof maintenance the old-fashioned way can be tedious but it’ll protect your roof.

4 – Mind the Gutters 

Keeping the gutters clean should be your priority, especially when winter or a storm is approaching. Clogged gutters can lead to several problems down the line. After you’ve cleaned your roof, it’s vital to clean the gutters and ensure that are no clogs.

It’s not uncommon for leaves, twigs, etc, to get accumulated on the roof valleys and open gutters. Most homeowners consider this a harmless problem. However, if you don’t clean them, it can cause damage. The leaves and twigs can retain moisture, which can lead to problems like moss, leakages, etc.

By performing regular roof maintenance and sticking to a cleaning schedule, you can keep your roof clean. By keeping it clean, you’re not only increasing its aesthetic appeal, but also extending its life.

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