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Gutter Protection – How to Avoid Roof Damage

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Gutters are an essential part of your roof’s drainage system. They collect the water that falls onto the roof, direct it to the downspout, and away from your home. Functioning gutters will keep problems like leaks, roof damage, flooded basements, etc, at bay. However, gutters are often open and tend to collect debris. This debris can accumulate over time and start to block the system. That’s when

Why Does your Roof Cave In?

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This winter, Massachusetts saw over 100 roof collapses (either full or partial). So many residences and business were affected by this that the state government released Roof Collapse Safety Information to the public. Your roof is particularly susceptible to collapse in the winter months. Roof replacement in Westfield, MA can be expensive and in some cases, unavoidable. However, if you’re aware

Save Money on Gutters with a Rain Diverter

Installing gutters on your home can be a major expense, not to mention a large-scale project that many homeowners simply do not want to deal with. If you do not have gutters installed, however, heavy rain and melting snow can result in flooding of the steps or sidewalks around your house – this can create a dangerous situation. Luckily, there is an available alternative to gutters – it is called


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